Dionysus is a self-serving software company envisioned on the idea to serve numerous customers in a more concise amount of time therefore increasing profitability for business owners while providing exceptional customer service.

  • Dionysus will deliver the Software kegerator to your location for a 24-month contract to sell 4 types of beer daily to your customers.

  • Location can set the price on your Beer sales from the software provided and Dionysus receives just .30c per item sold.

  • There are no upfront or monthly charges for the service other than the split on total sales monthly.

  • Dionysus will rotate advertisements on the iPad Kiosk as a revenue source for providing the service. (split on rates and advertisement is negotiable)

  • Your location will reap the benefit of moving more product for a greater customer experience while increasing your bottom line.

Dionysus Provides:

  • Kegerator Dispensary Center
  • 4 Beer Taps
  • iPad and display tabletop
  • Dionysus delivery Software
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Setup and Training

Establishment (BAR) Provides:

  • Display of Dispensary Center
  • Equipment Operator
  • Changing of Kegs